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Hello!  I’m Matthew McClain and I’m so happy to be the school counselor at Baker Elementary. I have worked in the RE-3 District since 2005 and have loved seeing so many students come through the doors of the schools I have worked in!

Here’s what our school counseling program at Baker Elementary looks like:

  • Classroom lessons monthly with every class:  this time with your students is one of my favorite parts of my job.  We get to practice social skills through games and special activities that encourage self-awareness, regulation, cooperation and inclusion.

  • Teaching tools: I have a video that is sent out to our entire staff that has a 3-5 minute video to teach kids some calming techniques, as well as other tools to help them when they are experiencing some big feelings.

  • Group counseling:  when a student has a specific need I will work with their teacher and the grade level team to organize a special group that will last around six weeks where we work together to develop or build the necessary skills for them to be successful.

  • Individual counseling:  whether it’s a big change or just having a hard day, I’m here to help the students of Baker Elementary carry some of those difficult feelings.  We will also work on developing strategies for how to manage those big feelings because we all have them!

  • Teacher consultation:  I will work with the staff here at Baker to support all our students' academic and social emotional needs.

  • Parent support:  as a parent and a counselor, I recognize that sometimes ages and stages can be difficult.  Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your child’s needs and know that I have to reach out for support too because parenting is a wonderful and challenging journey.

Most importantly, I will work to support your student in a way that communicates both through words and actions that their ideas, thoughts and feelings matter very much.

I'm so excited for another year of learning and growing at Baker Elementary!

Matthew McClain

Matthew McClain

Matthew McClain

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